Stack Size in No Limit Hold'em Tournaments

Dealing with short-handed situations in no limit Hold'em tournaments can certainly be a challenge. The size of the stack you are holding will have a huge impact on the overall decisions you make.

Big Stack Play

The big stack position is the most coveted position in any no limit Texas Hold'em tournament whether online or in person. In a short-handed situation, there are very few players to challenge your position. You should always use your position to your advantage and make sure that you play aggressively when aggression is warranted, but be careful. When there are very few players at the table, and particularly when the other players hold moderately sized stacks, it is quite possible to go from the leading player to completely out of the game in a single hand with one bad move.

Short Stack Play

If you find yourself in the short stack position in a Hold'em tournament, you have to keep your eyes on everyone else's chips. If you see one player working diligently to take out another, it may be worth your while to hold onto your chips, even if you have a great hand. In a nutshell, when you are in the short stack position, be very observant and watch how the other players react to each other. If you can seize an opportunity to pick up a quick pot, then by all means, do so.

The size of your stack in No Limit Hold'em will have a significant impact on the decisions you make. Sometimes it is best to play aggressively, but in other situations, you may have to hold yourself back.