Take your Time with Heads Up Poker

Aggressive players are usually out of their element when it comes to playing Heads Up poker. This article seeks to teach aggressive players the best ways to exercise some patience and put their aggressive tendencies on the back burner.

Watch the Tight Players

Aggressive players have a tendency to scare off the tight players. While this may be advantageous in certain situations, it is certainly not true in Heads Up poker. Scaring off tight players only reduces the spoils in the pot, so try to keep aggressiveness at a low and see the hand through patiently. With time, tight players will come to view you as anything but a threat, and you can pull out an aggressive move toward the end of the game to wipe out their stacks completely.

Avoid Taking Risks

Risk-taking is one of the trademarks of aggressive poker play, and while it can pay off in certain situations, Heads Up poker is not one of them. Risk taking should be kept to a minimum not because it will affect the other players, but because it can result in you losing your entire bankroll within a matter of a few hands. No matter how badly you just 'want to get it over with', never let the spur of the moment decisions cost you everything.

Don't Get Frustrated

Aggressive players who are forced to keep their play styles in check will typically become frustrated over time, partially because they are not winning like normal, but also because the other players at the table are not appreciating their table image. You need to keep your cool at all times and ensure that you can stay unreadable, focused and patient. This way, you stand a better chance of coming out on top.

Heads-up poker requires a lot of patience from anyone, regardless of their usual play style. Aggressive players are usually the ones who have to make the most changes, so they need to exercise caution in every move they make.