Playing Aggressively in Hold'em Games

Players employ many different techniques when it comes to playing Hold'em poker. The aggressive style focuses upon intimidating other players, winning big when you do, and stealing pots from others whenever you have the opportunity. Here are the key points in which players should use aggressive tactics:


When players are eliminated from the table, it means that there are fewer people who can call your bluffs or out-bid you. Here, you can easily turn up the aggression level a notch and let the other players believe that you are a true force to be reckoned with. The fewer the players that are left at the table, the more aggressive your gameplay should become. After all, there are fewer people who can beat you.

Having the Short Stack

If you are holding the fewest chips at the table, you can either continue to play meekly or you can turn up the aggression and hope for the best. You should never be afraid to raise when you actually have nothing; this is what bluffing is for. If you have the short stack and you go all in, the other players will assume that you have a good hand, and you might find that they fold more regularly.

Having the Big Stack

When you have the big stack, the other players at the table will team together to take you down. As a result, meek play will do nothing more than deplete your bankroll. When in this position, you must play aggressively at all times and watch for bluffs, particularly when the table is still well-populated. Try to concentrate your efforts on the short stack players and take them out of the game.

Most of the real Texas Hold'em winners are aggressive players. Even if your style is not aggressive by nature, learning these techniques can certainly help you in the long run.